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Idaho is the top ranked state in key food industry occupations at over three times the national concentration. The expertise of our workforce will help your business grow and Idaho’s colleges and universities provide valuable skills, knowledge, and resources by working directly with businesses to set up tailored training and coursework programs.

  • There are 350 food manufacturers in Idaho

  • Idaho produces over 185 different agriculture products and processed goods including dairy, potatoes, meat, frozen fruits/vegetables and specialty foods.

  • Nearly 6 million acres of land are devoted to crop production in Idaho, over 11% of the state’s total area.

  • Idaho ranks first in the nation for number of food machine operators, food producers, and food batchmakers in relation to population.

Idaho food production industry facts

producer of potatoes (29% of U.S. market)
producer of trout (72% of U.S. market)
producer of peas, hops, and barley
producer of hay, sugar beets, mint, plums, and prunes
producer of cheese and milk products

Some important companies in the food industry in Idaho: